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Bankruptcy Paralegal Services For Attorneys in Maine

Bankruptcy paralegal services for attorneys in Maine

Attorney firms in Maine can now take advantage of remote bankruptcy paralegal services for Chapter 7, 11, and 13 petition preparation. Our paralegal's have years of experience in petition preparation. Whether you are a solo or large attorney firms in Maine, we provide comprehensive bankruptcy petition preparation support for Chapter 7, 11, and 13 petition prep ration. Our bankruptcy paralegal's have years of experience in petition preparation. Business or individual, corporate or private, big or small – Allow Max Data Pro to manage your bankruptcy case load and minimize backlog while you focus on growing your firm or organization and increase profitability all for a Flat Fee!

Virtual Bankruptcy Paralegal Services for Attorneys in Maine

Trusted Back Office for Bankruptcy Attorneys Firms Since 2008

We are not just a data entry service. We take pride in building a relationship with you through open communication to prepare the case file, the most thorough case documents provided, possible for you and your client's review. Our services are available across the United States.

  • Chapter 7 Petition Preparation of Official Forms
  • Chapter 13 Petition Preparation of Official Forms
  • Local Forms
  • Electronic Filing
  • Amendments
  • Modifications
  • Client Contact (when applicable)

Bankruptcy Paralegal Services For Attorneys!
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Bankruptcy Petition Preparer Per Maine State Laws

Whether you are a Maine solo practice or a large firm, while preparing petition you need to handle client questionnaire and documents with care. You need our professional services to gain an edge over your competition.

By partnering with us you get access to experienced bankruptcy staff to allow you to control costs and allow your regular staff to keep doing what they do best and be more efficient and productive.


Why choose us : For Remote Petition Prepararion?

Our talented Legal Support teams handle bankruptcy matter preparation under Chapters 7, 11, and 13. We gracefully handle tasks necessary to run your firms. Our team has over 11 years of back-office experience in bankruptcy petition preparation, case management, and have the required skills and knowledge to help your firm. Let us help you chip into effective business operations to earn enough money to own a sustainable business.

With our bankruptcy services, your firm will do more petitions for your clients with more ease and profitability.

Our team of paralegal support staff has years of experience in Chapter 7 & 13 bankruptcy petition preparation.

  • Client Intake;
  • Gathering client documents;
  • Preparing Chapters 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcy petitions;
  • Drafting Proof of Claims and miscellaneous correspondence;
  • Preparing cases for 341 Meetings;
  • Managing the bankruptcy case process from intake through discharge

We’re Here for You to intake more clients.
We will take care of human resources required to prepare drafts for you.

We understand how difficult is to arrange and manage client documents to prepare bankruptcy drafts for your clients. At Max Data Pro we take great care in making the bankruptcy drafts review process as simple and effective for you.

Max Data Pro provides these services on a flat per case fixed fee basis so your costs are predictable and you can incorporate into your existing billing structure. Call or email us today to learn more about how we can help you manage your bankruptcy back logs.

Advantages of Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant

Offshore or domestic third parties can offer less expensive and more efficient services than salaried employees and have proven themselves to be a very useful tool for essentially any major business, then why not for bankruptcy attorney practices.

At Max Data Pro, Bankruptcy Attorneys…

  • GET EXPERTISE - You get a bankruptcy paralegal preparer your practice to leverage the power of 12 years' experience.
  • REDUCE OPERATING COSTS - Save the additional costs of traditional in-house labor and overhead. Our team is 70% cheaper than onshore and 99.99% accurate while drafting petitions.
  • INCREASE EFFICIENCY - You simply share the files and we prepare a comprehensive and precise petition for you to review and file.
  • SAVE TIME -  Get access to trained paralegal staff to do drafts. No more need to hire, train and manage staff (or more staff). You and your current staff shall focus on more and more client engagement and revenue generating tasks.
  • EXPAND YOUR PRACTICE - We are just a click away, whether you need one staff or fifty you will get paralegals at super less operating costs with an efficient process

Our mission is just to reduce your stress and buy you more time to grow your business. 

Virtual Bankruptcy Paralegal: Learn More!

Why Max Data Pro?

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You can depend on our personalized and prompt assistance to help you get the catchup drafting backlog while you focus on growing your firm or organization and increase profitability all for a Flat Fee!.

We are committed to

  • 100% Customer satisfaction is our first motto
  • Dependable Data Entry Service Quality.
  • Guarantee the most Competitive Price available.
  • FREE TRIAL to check Data Entry Quality
  • Quick - 24 hrs help desk, Online chat support.
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Only for Bankruptcy Attorneys

- Bankruptcy Paralegal Services

We understand bankruptcy clients and attorney requirements. You will found our services so great that we have specifically designed to suppo your practice.

With Max Data Pro, we assure you that you’re in safe hands.

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Disclaimer: Bankruptcy Paralegal Services is professional bankruptcy paralegal service for law firms and is not a law firm, nor attorneys. We do not provide legal representation or advice. We work under the direct supervision of Attorney we provide services. Our role is to assist attorneys, not the general public, in processing bankruptcy petitions.