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 How it Works - Bankruptcy Petition Services

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How it Works - Bankruptcy Petition Services

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Petition preparation outsourcing Process Works In 3 Simple Steps Process

Step 1 - You send source documents:

Through secured FTP server or e-mail the documents to our mail box or place it in your computer, so that we can access it remotely.

  1. To send us the documents, you can either scan the documents or upload them to a secure FTP server.
  2. You can send us the source scanned documents through email.
  3. Purchase bills postings ( Expenses / Assets Categorization)
  4. Or you can provide us remote access to your computer, wherein we will login to your computer and complete the work.
Step 2 - We record information provided by debtor
  1. Your dedicated paralegal will process and review each and every document pertaining to petition.
  2. We prepared draft petition including mean test and do preliminary review of petition for missing information.
  3. We come up with the list of missing information and prepare memo of points needing your attention.
Step 3 -Petition preparation and delivery of final petition
  1. Based on your first meeting with the debtor and collection of missing information.
  2. We make changes to draft petition as per Attorney's instructions.
  3. Attorney received final petition along with software backup file.
  4. We prepare 341 meeting points
We also work as virtual assistants and prepare following, As per Attorney's request:
  1. Preparation of Wage garnishment letters to employers.
  2. Print copies of mails to debtor(s) and court.
  3. Electronically filing of petition with court.
  4. Monitor on PACER if requested (additional Fees applies).
For more information on the system and procedure please call us at 631-731-7316 or Contact us

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Disclaimer: Bankruptcy Paralegal Services is professional bankruptcy paralegal service for law firms and is not a law firm, nor attorneys. We do not provide legal representation or advice. We work under the direct supervision of Attorney we provide services. Our role is to assist attorneys, not the general public, in processing bankruptcy petitions.